CEO & founder SlaybyShi, is a young Social media influencer and entrepreneur born and raised small town Fort Wayne, Indiana. The passion she have for makeup, lashes and cosmetics is music to her ears.

So why not?!... Spread the love because everyone deserves to feel and look beautiful as well. Makeup is all about art and creating your own canvas. Shi goal is to provide high quality lashes from natural to full glam for any occasion. Slaybyshi has big plans to expand her social media influence and business nationally/or global.

On this website you will find the one of a kind beautiful lash designed for you. I would love for you dolls to take the time out and browse around the site. We want every woman to feel beautiful and sometimes all you need is a nice set of lashes. So let your eyes do the talking Slay Dolls!!!! don't forget to share with us on Instagram @Slaybyshi 

Thank you!