Lash Care Tips:

•I recommend duo brush on lash adhesive, which is very safe for natural lashes. It carries vitamin a,c and e. *hair glue not recommended but you can use at your own preference*

•Be gentle when removing lash from case, pull slightly from corner of lash band. (Lash tool recommended for this step.)

•Make sure lash fits eye before applying lash glue and make your placement.

Cleaning Processes:

•Remove glue from lash band while securing the lash band, use tweezers or fingernails to carefully remove large glue residue from both back and front sides of lash band.

•Soak the lash in warm water for about 2 minutes, after soaking lashes brush with spoolie.

•Place lashes back into original case to retain its shape. Close lash case to prevent bacteria or dust from settling on your eyelashes. Then let it dry.